Workshops Offered at Hayloft

Have a group of friends, coworkers or kids interested in art? Workshops at Hayloft Studio can be tailored to your interests and schedule. Great for birthdays, homeschool groups, retirement parties etc.

Unknown Chair Caning:  20-24hrs. Learn the steps to repairing a broken seat.  Have an old family chair you wish to repair?  Bring it with you to Hayloft Studio and I will teach you the steps.  This workshop can be broken down over several days/weekly, etc.  Days of availability can be negotiated.  Individual lesson:$225.00/person    2-4 people: $200.00/person       5-8 people:$175.00/person.      Plus cost of materials(usually around $20).  Hayloft has some chairs available for a minimal purchase.


Fiber Rush:  12-14hrs. will teach you the steps to replacing a fiber rush seat.   This workshop can be broken down over several days/weekly, etc. Days of availability can be negotiated.  Individual Lesson: $175.00      2-4 People: $150.00       5-8 people: $125.00  Plus the cost of materials(approximately $20).  Hayloft has some chairs available for a minimal purchase.

Elements of Art:  5-2hr sessions.  For ages 10 and up.  Come to Hayloft Studio for a five part series on the five elements of art: Color, Line, Shape, Form and Texture.  Each session will explore one of the five elements through the study of master artists and a variety of hands on projects.  $110/per person.

 Nature Journals: 6-2hr. sessions.  For ages 10 and up.  This series will involve short hikes at various locations.  Equipped with journals, binoculars and keen observational skills, participants will, in the likeness of Audubon, Sibley and other naturalists, create their own nature journals by writing and drawing what they experience using all senses.  $140/person

20120712-170535.jpgIntroduction to Wet Felting: 3hrs.  All ages.  Learn the basics of the ancient technique of wet felting wool. Participants will turn a pile of colorful fluffy wool into a felted geode, bag, bowl, etc.  $65/person.

20121203-140420.jpgIntroduction to Needle Felting: 2hrs.  Ages 10 and up.  Take a pile of colorful fluffy wool, poke it and poke it and soon you will have created a 3-dimensional critter. This workshop will teach the techniques needed to get started with endless possibilities of needle felting.  $50/person

20130710-103345.jpgWet Felted Hats: 2-3hrs. For ages 8 and up. Make your own wool hats! A fun an easy project with fabulous results. Wrap a ball with wool. Wet it. Bounce it. Shape it and voila! Okay there’s a bit more to it than that. But you can create hats in under 3 hours! $65/person

20130416-162755.jpgLoom Beaded Bracelets: 3hrs.  For ages 8 and up. Native American crafts are astounding and the beadworks created are exceptional. In this workshop students explore the many symbols and patterns used by Native Americans and develop a pattern of their liking to incorporate into a bracelet. Students will then make their own loom and learn how to weave a beaded bracelet from their design. Take the looms home to weave more projects! $65/person.

20130827-185918.jpgCrayon Batik: 3hrs.  For ages 8 and up.  Create a beautiful batik cloth by painting with melted crayons onto a chosen fabric. When set, crinkle it all up, submerge it in dye and then iron away the wax. The results are stunning.  $65/person.

20130706-080533.jpgClocks!: 4-6hrs.  For ages 8 and up.  Make your own wall clock. A fun shape and design of your dreaming will be cut from masonite board and painted . When finished you will have a one of a kind working clock. $95/person.

20130802-161013.jpgMagazine Art: 3hrs.  For ages 10 and up. Paper beads, paper bowls, paper baskets, paper wreaths, all made from colorful recycled magazines. Learn to roll, fold, weave and glue magazine pages into functional art.  $65/person.

20130802-160538.jpgWalking Sticks: 3 hrs. For ages 9 and up.  While learning proper whittling techniques and wood burning skills students will create a one of a kind walking stick, sanded silky smooth, garnished with paint, leather stones and more.  $65/person.

Kinetic Sculpture: 3 hrs.  For ages 8 and up. In the likes of artists such as Alexander Calder, Jean Tinguely and George Rilky, this session will explore the art of motion. Participants will create kinetic sculptures using a variety of materials like wire, wood, hardware, etc. $65/person.

Duct Tape Creations: 2 hrs. For ages 8 and up.  Make a water bottle holster, wallet, bracelet, etc. all from the super sticky, super durable duct tape. $45/person.

20130420-110600.jpgPrintmaking: 3hrs.  For ages 6 and up.  A workshop all about the many different ways to print like monoprinting, vegetable prints, eraser prints, found object prints, mirror image printing and anything else we can think of. We will use these prints to create beautiful art, greeting cards, bookmarks and more. $65/person.

IMG_4116-0Assemblage Art: 4hrs.  For ages 6 and up. Explore the art of Louise Nevelson and then create your own assemblage art by combining found objects into one cohesive form that is then painted a single monotone color. The result is transforming.  $65/person.

IMG_4144Motor Bugs: 4hrs.  For ages 8 and up. Learn some basics of electronics and the safe use of soldering irons and hot glue guns while assembling your own motorized robot bug. Decorate them and then create a maze to race them in. $85/person.

Watercolors: 3 hrs.  For ages 6 and up.  Explore the many ways to paint with watercolors such as resist, wet on wet, dry, salt etc.  $55/person.

Greeting Cards: 3 hrs.  For ages 6 and up.  Make your own greeting cards and pop-up cards using paper punches, scalloping scissors, decorative papers, and more.  $65/person.


2 comments on “Workshops Offered at Hayloft

  1. For years I caned chairs I have retired and we are moving permanently to Florida. I have numerous chairs that people gave me that haven’t had seats put in them. Some are cane pressed and woven and some rush. I would love to have someone take them who would put seats in them and make them usable again. In the group is a grouping of 5 really sturdy oak pressed back chairs. I would be happy to donate them if you or someone else would keep them from being destroyed.

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