2014/2015 Hayloft Studio Workshops

Hayloft studio is at 265 River Road in Whately.

413-219-5682     darcytozier@gmail.com

2014/2015 Hayloft Studio Classes20130318-153610.jpg

2014 Fall Workshops:.

  • October 26th– Extreme Pumpkin Carving– For ages 10 and up.  Want to learn how to carve crazy pumpkins like the ones below? Come to Hayloft  Studio on Sunday October 26th from 2-4.  $25  Please bring your own pumpkin(s) or buy one at the ice cream shop/farmstand next door.  Call or email ahead to register at 413-219-5682/darcytozier@gmail.com.
  • November 1st- Sugar skulls- For all ages.  Celebrate the Day of the Dead by decorating sugar skulls using frosting, feathers, sequins, etc.  From 2-4.  $25.  Call or email ahead to register at 413-219-5682/ darcytozier@gmail.com.

20131119-175832.jpg          20131119-175745.jpg          2hayloft 046

  • November 16th- Wreath Making- Always wanted to make your own wreath for the holidays? Never had the time to gather all the materials? Come to Hayloft Studio on Sunday November 16th between 12 and 5pm and we’ll supply the materials, space, warmth and tutorials to make your own wreath.  All ages (young ones might need parents help).  12-5 drop in style.  $25/wreath.

Stay tuned for holiday gift making and vacation workshops.


To register for a class email me at darcytozier@gmail.com with the participant name and age and the class you are signing up for.

hayloft 011

hayloft 012

Never hesitate to just e-mail me directly with thoughts or questions at darcytozier@gmail.com or call at 413-219-5682.

Hayloft studio is at 265 River Road in Whately.

413-219-5682            darcytozier@gmail.com


2 comments on “2014/2015 Hayloft Studio Workshops

  1. I’m also fairly new with my classes and studio in this area (Whitby, Ontario). I find it not that easy to attract the local attention without spending lots on advertising. The local newspaper send offers like: only 2200 a month, or 1500 for some 3 x 6 inch ad. How many classes do I have to give just to cover that advertising cost?
    Looks like you are having nice events at your place, good luck!

    • Thanks. I have run into the very same problems. I can’t afford much advertising and the public school systems here only allow non-profit fliers. Looks like you had a good crowd by your photos. I had the luck of one family taking a chance and spreading the word for me. Still small classes though(not that I mind). Good luck to you as well.

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