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 Hayloft Studio is at 265 River Road in Whately, Ma.


Hayloft Studio is a bright an open studio located in a renovated hay loft in Whately Ma. The mission of Hayloft studio is to provide students of all ages the opportunity to engage themselves as artists. That is, to become inspired, connect, explore, discuss, possibly collaborate, and mostly follow their artistic desires. Hayloft does not prescribe to any pre-determined curriculum, but rather allows the student(s) to discover their own direction. What is provided at Hayloft Studio is guidance, technical assistance, materials, space and enthusiasm. Hayloft workshops teach a group of students about a particular artist, genre, material or craft and the student’s subsequent work is generated of their own creative inspirations from this discourse. Private lessons are centered wholly on the students artistic passions, be it oil painting, assemblage art, bookmaking, fiber art and/or anything else that bubbles forth from their freedom of exploration. Always integrated into studio time at Hayloft are opportunities to connect with art history, familiarize with the variety of genres and explore many amazing artists.

Darcy Tozier leads the workshops and lessons at Hayloft Studio. She has a BFA in sculpture from Rhode Island School of Design. Having recently substituted in public schools(that woefully lack in time and materials due to miserable funding) and witnessed the burgeoning of cookie cutter art and wine parties, Darcy hopes to counteract these trends by helping students unlock their passion for art, encouraging their individuality and promoting freedom of expression. Art is a valuable tool for personal, cultural, historical, and social conversations. Hayloft studio is a safe and comfortable space to engage in these conversations.

Hayloft offers workshops during the summer, school vacations and some weekends. Classes are available during the school year, weekdays and nights, for homeschool students and private lessons .  Homeschool groups are invited during the school calendar and summer for weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or one time workshops. Workshops can be tailored to your curriculum or open ended.

Private studio time with individualized lessons are available at $30/hour.

More examples of projects created at Hayloft Studio can be seen here:

Chair caning and wicker repair is also available at Hayloft.  Click here for more info.








My own work has been an exploration of what makes us human. I constantly seek answers to why? Why am I here? Why did that happen to her? Why is he ill? Why are we sometimes sad? Angry? Happy? What is inside that body that makes us go?  I have explored these questions through, journals, drawings, paintings, wood carving, plaster and bronze casting, concrete and most recently wool. I have experience working with many materials and many techniques. Currently, my focus has been on needle felted wool sculptures of human anatomy.



3 comments on “Hay Loft Studio

  1. Hello Darcy,
    I’m interested in exploring Hayloft for my homeschooled 10 year old artist daughter, Arabella. Do you have any current group classes for homeschoolers? Do you have any openings to meet for a private class the week after next?
    Thank you,
    Anne Wilsey

  2. Hello again Darcy,
    I just read a bit further on your page.
    Yes, we are interested in how math and art intersect!
    Anne Wilsey

    • Hi Anne,
      Sorry, I didn’t catch your email until just now. I take a little break in the deep winter. I have no home school groups happening at the moment. I do have private students continuing through the winter. I would be happy to offer a private lesson to give you an idea of what my studio is like and more than happy to pursue the idea of an homeschool group, again. It is challenging to get a group together with schedules that mesh. Thank you for inquiring. I check this email more frequently: darcytozier@gmail.com


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